Wednesday, April 23, 2008

EOTD:Day-time Dark Brown Smokey Eye

This look is very wearable for a day-time smokey eye look. It is very pretty and quick. You can make this look more dramatic by adding more darker color to the corner eye and add false lashes. I don't usually wear false lashes because my contacts (clear) don't really last long on me. To end the look, go with nude lips as you want your eyes to stand out the most.

I finally had time to play around with my camera and was able to change the light exposure back and forth to capture the true colors of my eye shadows.

Eyes: (All MAC products)
-Bare Study p/p
-Saddle e/s
-Typographic e/s
-Brule e/s
-Graphblack e/l
-Estee Lauder MagnaScopic mascara


christy. said...

It's cool how in each picture, the colors look slightly different like it's changing all by itself. :D The last one does look brownish-green. Cool.

mrslanielovesmac said...

Hi Christy! I guess it was the camera flash that didn't work good on me that night. I sometimes have a hard time getting the perfect pictures. It's time for a new camera!!

May Nguyen said...

gret eyes! You should enter into my smokey test!

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