Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Can't Get Enough of MAC: More Hauls

Happy April Fool's Day my fellow readers and bloggers!!

Here is another post of my recent MAC and CCO hauls. During the past weekend, the hubby and I took the kids to L.A. for Disneyland. I'm so proud of the hubby that he drove 14 hours round-trip to Vegas and 10 hours round-trip the next day to L.A. without a rest and did not complain once. I guess he could be a truck driver then. Well, at least that may part of his retirement plan, to be a truck driver so he can travel the world (wants me to go with him).
Anyway, my son got sick and the weather there was kind of dull so we decided not to go to Disneyland. Instead, the hubby and I checked out Camarillo Premiun Outlets and Desert Hills Premium Outlets. The hubby is such a shopaholic! Seriously, I was actually the one that always have to wait for him or nag him to leave when it comes to shopping. The hubby shops more than I do and he is soooo into LACOSTE. Anyway, since I am building up my MAC collection I thought I'd show you more of my recent hauls.
I know a lot of my bloggers already have these colors but I'm too proud of my purchases so I'm going to show it anyway. Happy reading/looking!

Click photos to enlarge for close-ups.

Purchases at the MAC counter
e/s top row: star violet, parfait amour, moon's reflection
e/s bottom row: expensive pink, greensmoke, & burnished brown from The Body Shop

Purchases at Desert Hills Premiun CCO
Eyeshadow Left-Right: Fertile, Moonflower, Flashtrack, Zonk Bleu!, & Falling Star
I'm so happy to get MAC 187 for $29.50. I'm so going to return my 187 ($42) back to MAC!!

My daughter's school picture day!

My daughter suggested that I do her hair this way. She is such a brat!
Daddy bought her the shirt! Sorry, hun... I can afford MAC but not Lacoste!


Stephanie said...

Damn, I wanna go shopping!!! hehe..Awesome Haulage. The prices at CCO's are worth the drive...Imma have to head out to Camarillo! Your daughter is adorable and great job on the hair. LOL when I was younger, I didn't have the patience for my mom to curl my hair...

To answer your question,the MSF liquid alone tends to be too glowy/ sparkly. Using the MSF powder along with the foundation, reduces the shine and adds additional(medium) coverage without giving your face that heavy feeling. What I also do to decrease the glowy appearance is to mix a little of the MSF liquid with studio mist foundation. Hope that helps!

yummy411 said...

your daughter is too adorable!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

aww... your daughter is too cute. :) prettyyy colors. :) you got a GREAT deal on that brush too! :D

mrslanielovesmac said...

Hello, Stephanie, Yummy, and Christiana: Thanks for the comment on my daughter. She's so spoiled. Anyway, I love CCOs!! Saved so much regardless of the drive!

christy. said...

Your daughter is so cuteee!!! ^__^ I just want to squeeze her tight. She resembles my neice too hehe. <33

I love all the colors you bought :D

mrslanielovesmac said...

Thanks Christy! I appreciate your kind comment!



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