Thursday, January 31, 2008

So busy!


I just wanted to drop a note here about my laziness of not keeping up blogging! I just barely started this blog and I have so much other things to do that I cannot blog daily. Reality is really sucks now! My schedule is so hectic at the moment. I've been home visiting and running errands lately. Anyway, I have lots of looks that I want to share with you guys. Unfortunately, I cannot post up the photos yet. However, I am planning to do so this weekend (let's hope!).

By the way, I ordered Urban Decay Duo Primer Potions and it should arrive anytime soon now. I am so anticipated to test how good it is that everyone is raving about.

Have a great time with your loved ones!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Another MAC Hauls the Same Day

O.K. so after I had already posted my drug store cosmetics haulage, my husband wants to go shopping at a nearby mall. I decided to tag along without thinking that I would buy more MAC. When I got near the MAC counter in Macy's my heart was pumping fast and I felt my blood was traveling over 80mph up to my brain saying "you gotta check 'em out!". So I decided to glance at some eyeshadows. At last, I ended up buying more MAC. An addict can never get enough of its addiction!!

Check 'em out!

--- Blushbaby Blush
--- Shroom e/s (I have other e/s highlighters but not Shroom)
--- NW25 Select Cover Up Concealer (I have a full one in NC42 but too orange for my skin)
--- Graphblack Technakohl Liner
--- and a MAC Sharperner hehehehe

*SO EXCITED!!* I just found out from a MAC MA that Sacramento Arden Mall (1 and 1/2 hrs from my location) has a MAC store opening almost a year again, which I've been there many times last year but didn't know about it. Now, I can recycle all my MAC emptied pots for more eyeshadows. I have over 25 recycleable pots here. I was going to drive all the way to San Francisco just to return my pots. I didn't want lipsticks at a MAC counter so I rather drive far to get my eyeshadows.

New Hauls: MAC & Drug Store Cosmetics

After reading reviews and FOTDs on Vanessa using Milani's eyeshadows, I just got to run my lazy butt to the drug stores and get myself some. I also ordered some MAC cosmetics.

Kid e/s
Beige Blonde brow finisher

Milani Eyeshadows (all have shimmers but very pigmented):
Java Bean
Garden Mist
Blue Ice (not shown on picture b/c broken... will exchange for new one)

Rimmel Lipsticks:
Undressed (a brown-reddish with pink undertone color)
Dreamy (a neutral pink w/ peach undertone & shimmers color)
Cool (peach-pink...lots of shimmers-- goes on like lipglosses-- very smooth and lips hydrating)

The photo showed the colors similarly but really they are not.

FOTD: Using Milani's Eyeshadows

Simple Soft Green Purple Eye

MAC Bare Study p/p
Milani's Clover e/s
Milani's Shock e/s
MAC Blacktrack e/l
Katie B.'s faux lash mascara
MAC Brow Finisher in Blonde
MAC Mystery for eyebrows

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hair of the Day

I was supposed to post up these pictures yesterday but I was too tired after a long day running errands. My little sister wanted me to style her hair for her pictures so I decided to curl her hair. Oh gosh! She has the thickest and darkest natural hair ever that it looks like fake hair! It took me about an hour to curl all sections of her hair using my ceramic Corioliss straightening iron. I thought I'd share it with you guys. Enjoy it!

I know the white t-shirt's got to go but we (my husband and I) were in a hurry so my husband took her pictures before she changed into her outfits.

FOTD: Everyday Work Neutral Look: Back to Internship

I'm finally back to my internship after two weeks of waiting for my fingerprint to clear. I had been struggling to stay at my internship site (Foster Care Agency as a Social Worker) because I was requested to get a fingerprint exemption before I can perform any tasks or home visits with the foster children. I know fingerprint clearance usually runs from 72 hours to couple days but mine took longer. My internship is for my Master's Degree in Social Work, which I have to do 436 hours this year and another four hundred plus of hours next year. So far, I really like my internship placement because it's something new and challenging for my experience. I'm so looking forward to meeting my cases (hopefully it's not overloaded).

O.K. Here's my everyday work neutral look!

Products used are MAC items, unless otherwise stated.

Smashbox Foundation Primer
Mineralize Satinfinish foundation
Studio Fix powder
Margin Blush

Shroom e/s
Satin Taupe e/s
Blacktrack fluidline e/l
Estee Lauder Magnascopic mascara
Mystery e/s for brows and lower lash

NYX Natural lipliner
MAC Mattene 40's Pink lipstick

Thanks for checking in! Have a good day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

REVIEW: MAC Select Tint SPF 15 samples

Last week, I went to a Mac counter looking for a foundation that has no shimmers. I recently bought Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation in NC35 and I love it but it has little glitters. I also have MAC Studio Fix foundation but found it to be too matte and too heavy. Therefore, I asked a MAC MA and she told me that I should get Select Tint SPF 15 because I don't need much coverage and I'm Asian with olive skin type. So, I decided to get samples of MAC Select Tint SPF 15 in NC30 and NC40.

According to MAC: "A lightweight moisturizing tint with SPF 15. Water-based. Oil-free. Packed with conditioners. Hydrates the skin. Protects it, too. Keeps it moist, flawless, soft and youthful. Ultra-sheer: invisible. Feels like nothing on."

FYI: I'm Asian with dried face skin with oily on the T-zone. I'm NC35-40.

My review:
I tried both the foundations and NC40 was kind of orangish-yellowish on my face, but NC30 matched my skin better. I decided to give NC30 a week of tryouts.

PROS: The first time I applied the foundation using MAC 190 brush over my Smashbox Foundation Primer I loved it. It was very sheer and light-wear and very smooth on my face. I use MAC Studio Fix powder in C40 to set the liquid foundation. I felt my face was hydrated and soft throughout the whole day.

CONS: Second-fourth tryouts: MAC Select Tint SPF 15 NC30 did not look flawless and youthful on me like what MAC has stated. In fact, it made me looked old with large pores and lines all over my face. After three to four hours of wearing this foundation, the foundation started to crease into the lines and pores on my face, making it showed visibly and largely. I never had a problem with visible pores and lines with my other foundations before, so must be the formula in this foundation.


Guess I'm gonna stick with my HG Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation!

FOTD: A Neutral Copperish Everyday Look

Here is a neutral goldish look using my recent MAC hauled shadows that I would wear sometimes to school. The look is very simple. Sorry, my camera isn't working well on me.

All MAC products used (unless otherwise stated)

Smashbox Foundation Primer (190)
Studio Fix C40 (187)
Dame blush (168)
EDM Weekend Getaway blush (168)

Bare Canvas Paint
Naked Lunch all over lids to brow bone (used 217 all shadows)
Amber Lights all over lids to crease
Cranberry on 1/3 of outter lid to crease
Embark on 1/3 lashline and over Cranberry
NYX Black Eyeliner Pencil on upper and lower lash
Blonde Brow Finisher on eyebrows
Mystery on eyebrows
Estee Lauder MagnaScopic mascara in Black

NYX Natural Lipliner
Chapstick in Classic


FOTD: Dark Green Brownish Smokey Eye

Here is a FOTD of my work done on my sister-in-law, Bee. She was in a hurry to work so we added the colors as fast as possible. Sorry the light kind of washed out the colors. It was more vibrant in person. If you want an upclose look just click on the pictures.

Items used are MAC products (unless otherwise stated)

Studio Fix Powder NC40 w/ 187 brush
Sunbasque blush w/ 168
Everyday Minerals blush in Weekend Getaway

Bare Canvas Paint (ring finger)
All The Glitters all over lids to brow bone (217)
Sumptious Olive on inner lids (239)
Humid on lids and up to crease (239 and blending with 224)
Carbon on crease and outer corner V-shape (224 and smudge with 219 on crease)
--- also use Carbon to soften eyeliner on lashline and waterline
Engraved Powerpoint Eye Pencil on upper lasline
CoverGirl Exact Lash mascara
Blonde Brow Finisher
Embark on eyebrows

Rimmel Birthday Suit lipstick (316)

Recent MAC Hauls

During the weekend, I went to a MAC counter in Macy's and I just had to get something. This is what I got:

- Humid e/s
- Cranberry e/s
- Amber Lights e/s
------- I wanted to get Satelite Dreams but they ran out so I'm going to order it online.
-Bare Canvas Paint
-Brow Finisher (wax) in Blonde

My First Time Blogging

Hello!! I'm new to this blogging thingie; in fact, it is actually my first time signing up for a blog. My motivation behind my decision to sign up for my own blog was through all my linked beauty blogs (Christiana, Stephienese, MrsLynne, NessasaryMakeup, and Francise, etc.). I was so intrigued with everyone's beauty blog and the talents they have to uprise my own.

My 411:
I have been collecting MAC cosmetics like crazy for the last year. I don't have much of their makeup but I'm slowly building up my collection. My husband thinks I'm obsessed with MAC but I think I have a desire or attraction for MAC. Two different meanings, right? Well, you can say I'm obsessed. My husband understands very well because he surely has an obsession for Jordan's shoes too .

I learned my techniques through beauty youtubers and blogging other's beauty blogs. I am a fulltime graduate student working on my Master's Degree in Social Work. I am also a mother of two beautiful kids, a girl and a boy.

I will base this blog on makeup info, reviews, FOTDs/EOTDs, and many other things that I am interested.

Thank you for visiting my blog!! Please leave comments or any suggestions you may have for me. Feedback is the greatest corrections to our mistakes!



I thought having a chatterbox here would be more accessible to leave comments/suggestions and for my replies. Or if you like you can always leave comments on an entry you find interesting. Thanks!