Monday, January 28, 2008

New Hauls: MAC & Drug Store Cosmetics

After reading reviews and FOTDs on Vanessa using Milani's eyeshadows, I just got to run my lazy butt to the drug stores and get myself some. I also ordered some MAC cosmetics.

Kid e/s
Beige Blonde brow finisher

Milani Eyeshadows (all have shimmers but very pigmented):
Java Bean
Garden Mist
Blue Ice (not shown on picture b/c broken... will exchange for new one)

Rimmel Lipsticks:
Undressed (a brown-reddish with pink undertone color)
Dreamy (a neutral pink w/ peach undertone & shimmers color)
Cool (peach-pink...lots of shimmers-- goes on like lipglosses-- very smooth and lips hydrating)

The photo showed the colors similarly but really they are not.


Mrs. Lynne said...

You sure went haulin' mama! Nice.

christianadivine said...

nice haul! i love milani eyeshadows too. :]

mrslanielovesmac said...

Lynne and Christiana: Thanks! This is actually my first time trying out Milani eyeshadows but I'm already loving it!



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