Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My First Time Blogging

Hello!! I'm new to this blogging thingie; in fact, it is actually my first time signing up for a blog. My motivation behind my decision to sign up for my own blog was through all my linked beauty blogs (Christiana, Stephienese, MrsLynne, NessasaryMakeup, and Francise, etc.). I was so intrigued with everyone's beauty blog and the talents they have to uprise my own.

My 411:
I have been collecting MAC cosmetics like crazy for the last year. I don't have much of their makeup but I'm slowly building up my collection. My husband thinks I'm obsessed with MAC but I think I have a desire or attraction for MAC. Two different meanings, right? Well, you can say I'm obsessed. My husband understands very well because he surely has an obsession for Jordan's shoes too .

I learned my techniques through beauty youtubers and blogging other's beauty blogs. I am a fulltime graduate student working on my Master's Degree in Social Work. I am also a mother of two beautiful kids, a girl and a boy.

I will base this blog on makeup info, reviews, FOTDs/EOTDs, and many other things that I am interested.

Thank you for visiting my blog!! Please leave comments or any suggestions you may have for me. Feedback is the greatest corrections to our mistakes!


christianadivine said...

What a nice intro! :] Well, welcome to the beauty blogger community and I can't wait to see what you have in store! :]

mrslanielovesmac said...

Christiana: Thanks! I actually had the whole day off from work just to start this blog. Finally! LOL!

kungtu.com said...

Congratulation on jumpin' into the blog world. I gets addictive after a few posts. And with your beautiful smile off to the side, you will definitely get some views!

mrslanielovesmac said...

Kungtu: Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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I thought having a chatterbox here would be more accessible to leave comments/suggestions and for my replies. Or if you like you can always leave comments on an entry you find interesting. Thanks!