Thursday, May 15, 2008

Prom Look

My sister went to her senior prom and she asked me to do her makeup and hair. So here are few photos of the prom look done on my sister. Oh, this prom look was done two weeks ago. Sorry for the lagging!

I don't remember the names of the eyeshadows I used on my sister's eyes but I know it was all MAC products. I believe two of the eyeshadow colors were pigments. On her face, I used MAC Select Cover-Up in NC42, Select SPF-15 foundation in NC40, and Blot Powder in Medium-Dark. For the cheeks, I used Trace Gold, some gently dabs of Sunbasque, and Everyday Mineral Waffle Cone blushes along with MSF Light Flush. For the lips, I used Gingerroot l/l, Barely Lit l/s, and Uberpeach c/g. To add details to my sister's closed and small eyes, I added some random Ardell falsie lashes and lined the upper lashes with Blacktrack f/l and the waterline with Graphblack.

I love my sister's prom dress!! It was so silky! The orange color of the dress was to die for. I also love the fluffy details on the side of the dress.

I hope you guys like the hairstyle I did on my sister because she and I absolutely loved it! BTW, I got the hair flowers at Target.

Love the matching outfits!


yummy411 said...

you did a fab job! she's so pretty and looks just like you. i'm in love with the hair though. classy, elegant, but modern.

mrslanielovesmac said...

Hello Yummy: Thank you! I'm glad you like the hairstyle. Do we really look alike?

makeupfairytale said...

love your blog, very informative :)

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mrslanielovesmac said...

Hello Makeupfairytale, thanks for the info. I also found out about this promo on Christiana and Pursebuzz sites. I'll definitely order mine!! Also, I'm glad you find my blog interesting and informative. Come back anytime!! Thanks!!

Virtuous Blue said...

She looks beautiful! You did such a great job on the make up, and I think the hair was a nice touch as well. And I agree, the dress is fab...very chic & modern. I'm sure she was the belle of the ball :-)


Mrs. Lynne, MakeupFix.net said...

she looks gorgeous. i love the dress also!

mrslanielovesmac said...

Thank you, Virtuous Blue and Mrs Lynne. It feels good to know you guys like the prom look as I do very much. I appreciate it a lot and thanks for stopping by.

d0rksta said...

aww cute! you guys look exactly alike! (:

christy. said...

Cuteeee!!! :) I love the hairr.

Sweet Potato said...

Not just anyone can wear orange! Your sister looks great!



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