Wednesday, May 21, 2008

FOTD: DARK DARK Smokey Brown and Purple

Awww. I am FINALLY and OFFICIALLY done with my finals or presentations. I just have one more class on Wednesday next week for a fellow classmate's presentation. In graduate school, finals are not like undergrad courses that the students have to take tests such as multiple choices, fill in the blank, answer in short paragraphs, or just general examinations. In grad school, finals are more like presentations and writing 10-15 page papers for the class. This was one of the reasons why I haven't updated much of my blog. I have beeen stressing out during the last weeks because everything was just all packed at the end of the semester. Fortunately, I pulled it off all the papers... whew! I'm still alive!... *taking a deep breath*. I hope you guys understand!

I'm so anticipated about my thesis year which starts this fall. I'll have so much writing to do and especially putting together my thesis will be more hectic. Anyway, I'll try to update as much FOTDs/EOTDs as possible.

Here is a dark dark brown and purple smokey eye look. I don't think you can see my lip colors very well because I licked it all, but the neutral lip colors were really beautiful. Also, I used one of the eye shadows (Meet the Fleet) from the Naughty Nauticals line. MAC Meet the Fleet e/s is such a dark dark color that really intensify a smokey eye look when use it on the outter corner. It is more of a matte navy blue purplish color and it's buildable too. Love it!

Also, I didn't line my bottom lashes because my eyeshadow was already so dark and intensifying so I kept the bottom very neutral to make my eyes look a bit alive.

Sorry about the t-shirt! I was so tired and ready to wash off my makeup.

(All items are MAC)
Strobe Cream
Prep+prime skin
NC40 Studio Fix Fluid
Medium+ MSF
Peachtwist blush

Naked Launch e/s all over lid to brow, inner corner, & 1/2 inner lower lashline
Meet the Fleet e/s eyelid and 1/2 outer lash line
Sketch e/s on crease
Blacktrack f/l
Spiked eyebrow pencil
Plushblack Plushlash
#7 Lash

Cream O' Spice cream stickliner
Hue l/s
Prr l/g

I also entered this look for a celebrity-look contest at MakeupGeek site.


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Hi Lanie! This is a really gorgeous smokey eye. One of my fave looks from you! :D

Anonymous said...

that's a pretty smokey look! lena's trial was last year, i think. they found him guilty and he got life in prison. the sad thing was, he was her first true love. but lena was more independent and more of a free bird. she liked to do her own thing and go out with her girlfriends, but he was suffocating her. so she broke it off and things got worse. they tried to be friends and she started talking to someone else. he started stalking her and acting crazy and kept trying to talk to her. she was his friend up until that point and then i think she stopped talking to him because of the way he was acting. well, when she stopped talking to him and ignoring him, i think he snapped. i don't think he killed her cause she was talking to someone else. i'm not even sure if he knew. i think it was just because she started distancing herself from him and he couldn't handle it. so he snuck into her apartment when she went to walk her dog. she always locked her door but on that day she didn't. he waited in the closet and then murdered her when she was alone =(

mrslanielovesmac said...

Christiana: Thanks! I'm glad you like the look.

Spankedelic: Thank you and thanks for the informative message about Lena. At least we know she's in a safer place now.

makeupfairytale said...

niceee!!! very inspirational. =P oh man i need a better camera to take fotd. :) hope your week goes realllllly super duper well.

christy. said...

Ooh lala. So sultry, I like.

mrslanielovesmac said...

Hi Christy!! Thank you!! How are you?

Sweet Potato said...

Beautiful! Love the combination of colors. SO inspired! Thanks!



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