Thursday, March 13, 2008

TAGGED: 5 Must NOT Have Items

So today I was tagged by Christy to list or talk about 5 items that I personally considered as "must not haves". Here are my "must not haves":

1) Simply Basic- cosmetic wedges 32 counts: I do not like these wedges at all. They absorbed my liquid foundation and usually gave me that visible streak line on my face. These things do not help blend foundation at all. Unless I needed something to pick up the far-offs or smeared liners under my eyes, I'll maybe grab one. Other than that, I do not recommend it at all. It will waste your foundation, cream, and/or powder.

2)Ion- Heat Protection for Straightening Iron Spray: Yea right! It does not do its job like it was supposed to... protecting hair. I know not to recommend this item because I've been using the entire bottle and it does not help at all. It relaxed my hair the first 10 minutes but after that my hair started to friz and very estatic to things. A NO-NO!!

3)Beyond Belief Alpha Beta Hydoxy Nose Peel: Nose peel for cleaning clogged pores. This product does not clean clogged pores at all. I hate the sour funky smell. It says to help control blackheads but it does not. I can still see blackheads like the next day, literally speaking. I think this product makes my pores seemed larger and more attracted to blackheads.

4)Nairs Hair Removal: I tried this product over and over for about two months and it does not work at all. The working process took forever to remove the hair. I really had to scrub and scrub so hard with the washcloth to remove only few hair. Also, the product does not wash off easily in the shower so using the washcloth wasn't helpful at all. My legs felt like it was burning after using this product.

5)Revlon Brows Plucker: One word: SUCKS!


yummy411 said...

i'm with you on the sponges.. i didn't know there was such a diff! these are from that line sold at target right?



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